Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Post-Christmas Mortem

Ow. Ow. Ow. Ow.


Well that was an experience. What did we learn once the last of the turkey was eaten and the last"ho" finally fell silent? Well, let's recap shall we?

  • It's possible to overplan. I'd been doing my shopping since July. Why? I didn't want to be one of those parents who shops for their kids at the last minute when the shelves are bare. Did the boys get what they wanted? Hell, yeah. The problem? Somehow I forgot to turn off the "shop" function on my brain's desktop. My wallet's still screaming;

  • I hate wrapping;

  • Even if you think you have things together take the week before Christmas off. Why? Things will invariably NOT be that together. Also, (and this is an important one), if you're the last guy at the office for the season it means that everyone (and I mean everyone) above you on the food chain will leave their work on your desk to be done before you go. Trust me. On the first day of Christmas...flee. "First in, last out," works for the Paras. It doesn't do jack for the office environment;

  • Ottawa weather comes in a wide variety of "suck". Rain. Snow. Cold. Rain and snow with cold. Forget the canary in the coal mine. You know something's up when your Christmas tree is flash frozen;

  • R2D2 prefers women. Well heck, who doesn't? However, what I am referring to is the Hasbro interactive droid variety. Tons of fun for the family. (Seriously). However, apparently he doesn't do deep and booming voices. I dunno, maybe too many flashbacks regarding sithlords. Jen can make him dance (literally) and the boys had a great time playing hide-and-seek with him in the dark (he's got IR capabilities. He just can't do stairs). But you think he'll fetch me a drink? Hah. Speaking of which;

  • Mulled Wine helps. A huge shout out to Chris and kin in Geneva for making this one a possibility. One of the highpoints of the season was making a batch or two of "Vin Chaud" with Little Penguin Shiraz. Yum;

  • Clenched jaws invariably lead to grinding teeth which invariably lead to emergency dentist visits and long bouts of oral agony.

Still, I shouldn’t kvetch too loudly now that my teeth are nearly healed. Christmas itself was a success. The family had a great time. They boys had a blast and for a time at least there was peace at least on this small speck of the Earth and good will to man, woman, child and droid alike. Ah well. Whatever doesn't kill you, right? Anyway, I hear Easter's coming early this year.

Break out the body armour.



Swiss said...

Are you out of spices? I saw the co-op got more in. I will see about sending over another batch.

Glad it helped smooth Christmas over. I am recalled of the line from Christmas vacation where chevey chases' father tells him the only way he got through those "classic christmas'" that chevey remembered was a bottle of JD. While I prefer wine, hot or cold, that script writer was right on the money.

B.A. said...

Chris, glad to hear from you. My apologies for not blogging sooner. For the most part my spice supply is ok though if it's a seasonal thing I might ask for another box before March 21st. I'll let you know. In the meantime I'm trying to find the next Avatar film for Lucas and Michael (possibly the rest of the season) as well as finishing the last forty pages of my next book as I'm hoping to get back to the Lancerai Chronicles this Spring.